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Sam Kassegne

Department of Mechanical Engineering, San Diego State University


​Dr. Sam Kassegne holds a Ph.D. degree in engineering mechanics from Virginia Tech. His research interests are in the general areas of NeuroMEMS, sensors, and bionanoelectronics. His experimental research work is focused primarily in Carbon-MEMS, new bionanoelectronics platforms, and NeuroMEMS where his group is developing several innovative neural interfaces for intracortical, epicortical, and spinal cord signal recording and stimulation as part of bi-directional closed-loop brain-computer interface (BBCI) system.

Dr. Kassegne is currently deputy director of NSF funded (~$40 million for 10 years) ERC (Engineering Research Center) on sensorimotor neural engineering. The leading partner institutions are University of Washington and MIT. Dr. Kassegne has an extensive industrial experience in MEMS and other areas acquired through his employment at Nanogen, Microfabrica and Bentley Systems in Southern California. He also has consulted for several companies such as Corning/Intellisense, SAIC, Nevada Nanotech, OxyHeal, Game Changers, Cooley LLP, Nokia, etc. Further, as evidenced by the breadth and depth of his publication records and the companies he has consulted for, Dr. Kassegne has a unique engineering background that spans a number of engineering disciplines. Dr. Kassegne's research has been funded by NSF, DOE, DOD (SPAWAR), CSUPERB, Amco (Korea), etc. He has also taught MEMS & FEA courses at UCSD and UCI where he was a visiting scientist at his mentor's Marc Madou's Lab.

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  • MondayFebruary 25
3:30 PM

Carbon and the Future of Multi-Modal Neural Interfaces