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Martin Kaltenbrunner

Soft Matter Physics Department, Soft Electronics Laboratory, Johannes Kepler University


Kaltenbrunner is an associate professor in the Soft Matter Physics Department at the Johannes Kepler University, heading the Soft Electronics Laboratory. He received his master’s and PhD degrees in physics from the Johannes Kepler University in 2008 and 2012, respectively. He then joined the Someya-Sekitani Lab for Organic Electronics at The University of Tokyo as postdoctoral researcher prior to his present position. Kaltenbrunner’s research interests include soft electronics and machines, photovoltaics, lightning and thin film transistors, soft transducers and robotics, flexible and stretchable electronics, and electronic skin. 

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  • WednesdayFebruary 27
10:00 AM

Soft electronic and robotic systems from resilient yet biocompatible and degradable materials